Monday, February 27, 2012

Wong completes Miri-Bario motorbike quest

PROFESSIONAL photographer and adventurer Alex Wong has successfully completed his solo quest in the Bario Enduro Bike Adventure riding for 14 hours on his Kawasaki KLX250 from Miri to Bario.
He rode a total of 511km in just two days recently in a challenging environment filled with long detours, loss of camping gear, muddied roads and night riding.
He hit the dirt road to Bario to photograph the scenic highlands and its people.

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Driven By Adventure (Alex Wong)

IT takes a whole load of courage, an urge to explore, an unspeakable amount of endurance and a wee bit of insanity to replicate Alex Wong’s list of conquests.
Apart from being renowned as a songwriter — he released several songs under the moniker SingleTrackMind, Wong has a penchant for adventure.
His most recent one was a solo bike ride from Miri to Ba’Kelalan braving dangerous terrain and muddy trails.
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